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Contributing to Company Culture Remotely

Posted by Caitlyn Manuel on Jun 18, 2020 11:19:05 AM

Now that organizations have been operating virtually for a few months, some of the initial novelty has worn off. Professionals are settling into their home offices and adopting new norms and expectations for operating in the current state of business. As the remote work environment becomes commonplace, it’s important to revitalize your role in propelling your organization’s corporate culture.

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How to Write a Resume - An Insurance Careers Month Video Series

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Feb 12, 2020 7:00:00 AM

This post is part two in The Jacobson Group’s Insurance Careers Month 2020 video series. The series features our own Millennial bloggers providing their insider perspectives into why insurance is a great career choice and how to get started in the industry. In this installment, Shelby Kling, senior marketing communications coordinator, shares how to write an effective resume. This video was originally posted on our Jacobson Journal blog in 2018, when Shelby was assisting our executive search practice, and these tips still hold true today.

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Creating a Personal Brand That Emphasizes Human Skills

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Jan 31, 2020 9:30:00 AM

As most professionals can attest, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself among other qualified individuals and colleagues. How are you remembered following networking events? What comes to mind when co-workers hear your name? Do you tell a professional story that leaves a lasting impression? If you’re not able to answer these questions with confidence, it’s an ideal time to work on defining and building your personal brand.

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Resume Writing for all Stages of Your Career

Posted by Cecilia Mwaya on Jan 23, 2020 10:02:00 AM

As a recruiter, I commonly get questions from candidates at all career levels around how they can improve their resumes. What should be included? How should employment gaps be handled? How can they best stand out from other well-qualified individuals?

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Five Dos and Don’ts for Acing Your Next Interview

Posted by Jessica LaFountain on Dec 19, 2019 8:45:30 AM

Interviewing for a new job often feels overwhelming. Unfortunately, that stress can show when you talk with a recruiter or hiring manager, leaving a less-than-perfect first impression. And though we’re currently in a candidate-driven market, you still need to outshine other individuals if you want to land your dream job. As a recruiter, I’ve interviewed hundreds of insurance professionals seeking to further their careers and I have identified several behaviors that set candidates apart. Here are my top five tips to help ease your stress and ensure you walk into your next interview prepared and ready to impress.

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Tips for Staying Relevant, No Matter How Seasoned Your Career

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Nov 25, 2019 10:04:00 AM

The insurance industry is evolving at a rapid pace and new ideas, tools and technologies abound. In today’s volatile climate, an ongoing commitment to learning and professional development is crucial to stay competitive; however, formal programs are often catered more to young professionals who are starting out in their careers. While continual growth and improvement is important at all career stages, seasoned employees often have to be intentional about seeking out these opportunities. If you’re more tenured in your career, there are a few best practices for continuing to grow professionally and remaining relevant now and in the future.

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Maximize Your Holiday Job Search to Minimize New Year Stress

Posted by Shelby Punke on Nov 20, 2019 12:29:10 PM

Many people on the job hunt think they should take a break during the holidays because “no one is hiring,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just as you’re able to take some time to think about your next professional steps, insurers often use this slower season to strategize on hiring needs.

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Save the Ghosting for Halloween: Don't Let Your Professional Reputation Haunt You

Posted by Sarah Radford on Oct 30, 2019 9:55:06 AM

There’s a new ghastly trend running rampant among job seekers. Within the past couple years, ghosting has become a common occurrence, with 83 percent of employers reporting they’ve been ghosted by a candidate. Originally a term reserved for the dating world, ghosting has expanded into the professional realm. Loosely defined, it describes a person not showing up or becoming unreachable—with no notice, explanation or follow up—at any point in the employment process. This could mean skipping interviews, stopping communication with recruiters and hiring managers, or even neglecting to show up for a first day of work.

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Topics: Retention, Interviews, Professional Development