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Food For Thought: This Year, Simplify

Posted by Richard Jacobson on Jan 17, 2013 7:21:00 AM

Simplify your business plan.I’ve taken on a new goal for 2013 for myself and for The Jacobson Group, as a whole: to simplify. In that spirit, I wanted to share the latest issue of Compass. Penned by Kirk Goeldner, managing director and senior vice president at Jacobson, this month’s article compares business plans to the infamous seasonal food—fruitcake. They come around once a year, tend to be filled with junk and no one wants to “eat” them. His article proposes that we can cut the complexity this year by keeping the focus on developing talent. Simple and effective!

I invite you to read Compass and Kirk’s article here. How do you intend to simplify this year?

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