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The Jacobson Journal: An Insurance Talent Blog

8 Tips to Ensure Project Success

Insurance Recruiting Difficulty Remains High, Despite the Pandemic

The Importance of People Analytics in the COVID-19 World

Management Techniques for CAT Season Success

The Need for Risk Storytellers

Creating Compelling Job Postings

D&I Study: Issues, Opportunities for Women in Insurance

Developing a Successful Remote Onboarding Program

Embracing Virtual Hiring to Remain Competitive

Creating a Positive Remote Culture

Impact of COVID-19 on Insurance Industry Hiring

Managing Remote Employees: Key Insights and Advice

Recreating the Candidate Experience through Remote Interviewing

Business Continuity in Times of Uncertainty

Insurance Labor Study Results: Insurers Remain Optimistic in a Difficult Recruiting Climate

Goal Setting: Taking a SMART Approach in 2020

Taking Stock of Your Succession Plan in 2020

Insurance Kicks Off the Big Game

Insurance Talent Trends to Watch in 2020

Developing a Culture of Change to Support Modernization

Seven Tips for Recruiting During the Holiday Season

How to Keep Employees Motivated During the Holidays

The Actuarial Mid-Level Talent Gap: An Update

Committing to Strategic Professional Development

How to Avoid Spooking Your Candidate

Getting Internal Buy-In for Temporary Talent

Insurance Industry Growth Leads to Competitive Labor Market

Humanizing Accounting and Finance Modernization

Preparing for Open Enrollment Now to Avoid Burnout Later

Key Attributes of Tomorrow's Insurance Leaders

Benefits of Using an Executive Search Firm

Insurance Careers Movement: Open Letter to College Graduates

Focus on the First Five Days: Setting Temporary Workers Up for Success

What to Look for in a Professional Recruiting Firm

The Rise of Collaboration in Compliance

Breaking the Truth: The Cost of Vacancy

Virtual Leadership: How to Manage Remote Claims Staff

Ignite Gender Equality: Dare to Be the Spark

Strong Industry Outlook Highlights the Need for Talent Solutions

8 Popular Insurance Talent Myths Debunked

Defend Your Yards for the Big Game

Reengaging Gen X: The Forgotten Talent

Insights into the Insurance Talent Marketplace: Trends for 2019

Holistic Talent Strategies for the Future of Health Insurance

Follow, Like and Share Your Way to Next-Gen Talent

Where Have All The Executives Gone?

Salary Strategies to Combat the Job-Hopping Craze

Diversity and Inclusion: Turning Talk into Action

Diagnosing and Treating the Care Management Talent Crisis

Regulations in the Age of Cybersecurity

Underwriting Automation: Why Expectations Might Not Match Reality

8 Creative Benefits Guaranteed to Attract Young Professionals

Overcoming Today’s Candidate-Driven Market

Life Claims Goes High Tech

How to Write a Resume. An Insurance Careers Month Video Series

How to Successfully Job Hunt. An Insurance Careers Month Video Series

Insurance Careers Movement: Top 5 Ways to Get Involved

Are you insured for the Big Game?

Human Resources Joins the Technology Revolution

Insights into Today’s Evolving Talent Reality: Trends for 2018

Why Insurance? An Insurance Careers Month Video Series

Unlocking the Strategies for Successful Executive Evaluation

Three Tips for Improving the Health Insurance Customer Experience

Make Your Talent Brand Work for You

The Perks Young Professionals Crave

Technology Revolutionizing How Insurers Do Business

Strong Industry Outlook Highlights the Need for Talent Solutions

Technology is Changing the Way We Enroll in Health Plans

Insurance Talent Shortage Hits Finance and Accounting

The Remote Revolution: Benefits and Best Practices for Embracing a Telecommuting Culture

Combat the Summer Slump: Top 8 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Engaged as the Thermometer Rises

Taking the PULSE of the Insurance Labor Market

Do You Have the Technology to Attract Talent?

Are rotational programs headed for the C-Suite?

Care Management Goes High Tech with these 5 Emerging Trends

Retaining Top Talent: Engagement Strategies in a Competitive Market

RPO Myths Debunked

6 Things Your Candidates May Be Thinking, But Won’t Tell You

Continued Staffing Growth Accelerates the Search for New Talent Solutions

Regulatory Update: Does your talent provider have your back?

Today’s Evolving Talent Reality: Finding Success in a “Blended” Workforce

Insights into the Talent Horizon: Trends for 2017

Solving the Candidate Interview Puzzle

Revive Your Recruitment and Selection Strategies: Kicking Off Your Recruitment Process

A Smooth Transition: Integrating Temporary Staff into Your Organization

Deck the Halls with Holiday Health Hazards

Generational Spotlight: Gen Z, the Next Generation of Talent

Taking Action: Developing Succession Plans for an Evolving Future

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Insuring MLB Athletes

Revive Your Recruitment and Selection Strategies:  “Who Are You?” Finding the Right Recruitment Fit

Scary Stuff: Halloween Insurance Claims

The Actuarial Talent Conundrum

The Hunt is On: The Great Underwriter Shortage

Gotta Catch Em’ All? Pokémon Go Introduces New Insurance Risks

Rethinking Strategic Recruitment and Selection in Today’s Evolving Market

Let the Games Begin: Insuring the 2016 Summer Olympics

Top 7 Industry Sectors Experiencing Growth

When Disaster Strikes: Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Temp Staffing Partner

Are you ready for phase two of HIPAA?

What’s on the regulatory horizon for life insurance companies?

The Growing Diversity and Inclusion Mandate

Doctor, Doctor: Uncovering Today’s Wackiest Health Insurance Claims

Revive Your Recruitment and Selection Strategies: The Drive to Hire

Staffing Continues to Dominate Industry Labor Concerns

The Insurance Trifecta: Embracing a Career of Meaning and Reward

The Insurance Trifecta: Forging a Career of Limitless Opportunity

The Insurance Trifecta: Unlocking the Answer to the Career Stability Conundrum

Are Stay Interviews the Key to Unlocking Your Employees’ Hearts?

The Insurance Career Story: Stable, Rewarding, Limitless.

The Wild World of Sports Insurance

Insurance Disruption: Embracing the New Reality

What talent trends will have an impact on the industry in 2016?

Revive Your Insurance Recruitment and Selection Strategies: Avoid the Hiring "Fire Drill"

Enter the Millennials: Make Way for the Next Generation of Insurance Leadership

Holiday Havoc: A Guide to the Top Five Unusual Holiday Insurance Claims

Financial Transformations: Why They’re Taking the Industry by Storm

Focus on Growing Staff Driving Search for Alternate Staffing Strategies

Connectivity is Key to a Successful Telecommuting Program

Open Enrollment: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Today’s Business Mandate: The Search for Authentic Leadership

Is "Job Hopping" No Longer Passé?

Keep Your Employees Engaged as the Temperature Heats Up

Where have all the underwriters gone?

Can Work-At-Home Benefit Your Organization?

The Regulatory Revolution: Five Emerging Trends Impacting the Insurance Industry

How Big Data and Analytics are Changing the Way Insurers Do Business

Is Your Talent Brand up to the Job?

The Growing Cyber Threat

Countdown to ICD-10: Get your Training Program on Track

What does the crystal ball predict for staffing in 2015?

Insurance Industry Continues Positive Growth Trend

What’s in store for the Actuarial Field in 2015?

Love the One You’re With: Increasing Employee Engagement

Social Media: The New Recruitment Frontier?

Did You Know? Insuring the Super Bowl

Generational Spotlight: Traditionalists Influence the Business Landscape of Tomorrow

Generational Spotlight: Baby Boomers as the Workplace Leaders

Generational Spotlight: Generation X Poised to Take the Lead

Generational Spotlight: Millennials Shaping the Future Workplace

Corporate Citizenship: An Overlooked Talent Solution?

Generation X: Growing Tomorrow’s Insurance Leaders

Personal Cheerleaders: Should Management Double as Employee Coaches?

Insurance 2.0: Finding Tech Talent for the Insurance Industry

Preparing for the Future Amid the Insurance Talent Storm

Insurance 2.0: Attracting Tech Talent to the Insurance Industry

Insurance 2.0: Pioneering Analytics in the Industry

PPACA Open Enrollment: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Hiring for a Changing Market: Interview for Innovation

Rebranding Insurance: Changing the Outdated View of the Industry

The PPACA’s Lingering Effects: Insurance Employment Growth

Retaining Emerging Talent: Top Strategies to Keep Millennials Engaged

Recruiting Millennials: How to Bring Young Talent to Your Organization

Are Industry Regulations Leaving You in the Lurch?

Navigating the Regulatory Waters

Forecasting a Perfect Storm for Insurance Talent in the U.S.

Are your employees “in love?”

Is temporary the new permanent?

Las Vegas or Bust! Rethinking Employee Engagement

Reason to Celebrate: Women Making Strides in Insurance Industry

Game On: The Quest to Attract Analytical Talent

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Partners

Anatomy of Today’s Successful Insurance Leader

Recent Data Confirms Our Assessment of the Insurance Labor Market

A Data-Driven Look at Why InsuranceTalent Seems so Hard to Find

Year of the CAT: Is Your Catastrophe Response Plan Ready?

Why Work-at-Home Works for Us: A Look at Telecommuting

The Role of the Enlightened Male

Ready or Not, Here it Comes

A Great Milestone

Semi-Annual Labor Market Study: The Results Are In!

Food For Thought: This Year, Simplify

PULSE of the Labor Market in 2013

The ROI of Succession Planning

Impacts of the Supreme Court Validation of PPACA

40 Insurance Labor Market Stats

On Death and Taxes

Consequences of the ICD-10 Delay

March PULSE: A Look at the Labor Market

Seeds of a Hard Market

Homework: Insights on Telecommuting

Unintended Consequences of Healthcare Reform

Hurricane Season Predicted to Heat Up

Labor Market Direction Question from Compass

BLS Labor Market Data - Sources and Discrepancies

Capitalistic Renewal is Leading to Job Growth - RIGHT NOW!

What I Learned About Healthcare Reform in B-School...

MMSEA Section 111 Regulations Update

Economically Speaking...

The Survey Says...

Welcome to Interesting Times in the Labor Market

Healthcare Reform: Untouchable Malpractice Issues and its Effects

GDP Growth and the Return of Employment

MMSEA Section 111: Reporting Requirements for Non-Group Health Plans

The Right Healthcare Reform?

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