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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Contingent Labor Program

Posted by Alicia Morris on Oct 15, 2021 11:05:26 AM

The use of contingent labor continues to increase, especially in today’s complex and continually changing business environment. Staffing Industry Analysts predicts staffing industry growth of 16% in 2021. Additionally, our recent Q3 2021 Insurance Labor Market Study found 96% of insurance carrier respondents plan to maintain or increase their use of interim employees in the next year – marking the study’s all-time high.

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October 2021: Labor Market Pulse

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Oct 13, 2021 2:16:32 PM

The insurance industry’s unemployment rate dropped a full percentage point to 1.9% in September, reaching its lowest since the start of the pandemic. However, while the unemployment rate is low, industry employment also continues to drop. This is likely due to the complexity of the job market, and the effects of not only the Great Reshuffle, but also the Great Realignment. As vaccine mandates are implemented within some organizations and we enter the winter months, individuals are likely to continue adjusting their priorities, expectations and goals.

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Recruiter Report: Creating an Optimal Candidate Experience

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Sep 24, 2021 12:27:45 PM

For most insurers, the hiring process continues to be primarily virtual, bringing with it new obstacles and best practices. Candidates expect streamlined experiences tailored to the remote environment and have become less forgiving of avoidable missteps. Employers must be strategic about engaging candidates at every touchpoint, and presenting open roles and their organizations in the best light possible.

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September 2021: Labor Market Pulse

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Sep 9, 2021 7:11:11 PM

The insurance industry saw unemployment drop from 4.2% in July to just 2.9% in August. This came with a slight decrease in industry jobs, continuing a five-month decline. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports industry employment is just shy of where it was one year ago, our Q3 2021 Insurance Labor Outlook Study indicates growth in the coming year; 93% of insurers plan to maintain or increase their staff sizes in the next 12 months.

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Building Hybrid Teams Ready for New Challenges

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Sep 3, 2021 2:45:00 PM

As catastrophe season continues, insurers are responding to recent devastating events while also preparing for what the next few months may bring. The year has already seen hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, meaning the ability to adapt to increased workloads has become a vital part of insurers’ claims management strategies.

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