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Remote, Hybrid or In-Person: What’s Best for Your Organization?

Posted by The Jacobson Group on May 23, 2024 8:27:21 AM

In today's world, there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to where and how work gets done. Remote and hybrid work continue to be prevalent within the industry, and some professionals haven’t stepped into their corporate office space in more than four years. Our Q1 2024 Insurance Labor Market Study found just 6% of insurers have implemented full-time in-person work for the majority of their staff; yet, an additional 76% are expecting most employees in the office at least once a week.

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Topics: Retention, Culture, Work-At-Home

May 2024: Labor Market Pulse

Posted by The Jacobson Group on May 8, 2024 3:14:59 PM

The unemployment rate for insurance carriers and related activities rose by .7 percentage points in April, yet hovers around 2%, consistent with the past several months. Industry employment also increased – adding more than 8,000 jobs after hitting the 3 million mark in March. The latest JOLTS report revised February job openings within the larger finance and insurance category, with new numbers showing 515,000 open jobs – a current record high. March* job openings also remained high, despite dropping to 365,000.

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Five Tips for Success in Today’s Multigenerational Workplace

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Apr 15, 2024 10:38:00 AM

With older workers delaying retirement and younger talent quickly becoming a substantial portion of the labor pool, how can you engage multi-generational teams and set them up for successful working relationships? In our recent issue of Compass, Judy Busby, senior vice president of executive search and corporate strategy, and Rachel McColister, client advisor, offer insights into building a culture that focuses on connecting members of each generation and leveraging their unique attributes. Below are five key takeaways from their feature article, "Embracing Multigenerational Dynamics in Today’s Workplace."

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April 2024: Labor Market Pulse

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Apr 10, 2024 3:20:46 PM

Unemployment continues to drop within the insurance industry, hitting 1.7% in March. At the same time, job openings are rising within the larger finance and insurance sector, with an average of 428,000 openings in January and February*. This is tracking above 2022’s record annual high of 393,000. Voluntary quits are also slightly increasing, hitting their highest level since January 2023, while hiring levels remain relatively consistent.

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Topics: Labor Market, PULSE

Combatting the Finance and Accounting Talent Shortage

Posted by Alicia Morris on Mar 28, 2024 1:44:27 PM

Amid a shallowing pool of emerging talent and a workforce nearing retirement age, finding qualified individuals to fill open accounting and finance roles has been an intensifying challenge for insurers. Roughly 340,000 accountants and auditors in the United States have left their jobs in the past five years, which equates to a decline of 17%. Perhaps not surprisingly, our Q1 2024 Insurance Labor Market Study saw recruiting difficulty for accounting positions reach its highest level in the study’s 15-year history.

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