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Five Tips for Success in Today’s Multigenerational Workplace

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Apr 15, 2024 10:38:00 AM

With older workers delaying retirement and younger talent quickly becoming a substantial portion of the labor pool, how can you engage multi-generational teams and set them up for successful working relationships? In our recent issue of Compass, Judy Busby, senior vice president of executive search and corporate strategy, and Rachel McColister, client advisor, offer insights into building a culture that focuses on connecting members of each generation and leveraging their unique attributes. Below are five key takeaways from their feature article, "Embracing Multigenerational Dynamics in Today’s Workplace."

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Attracting and Retaining Gen Z in Today’s Labor Market

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Apr 6, 2022 11:30:11 AM

For years, the insurance industry has explored how to best recruit and engage young professionals. Millennials have long been the focus of these conversations; yet, the oldest Millennials are now in their early 40s and stepping into more senior- and executive-level roles. Generation Z is the newest generation to enter the workforce and brings its own distinct characteristics, work styles and expectations.

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Retaining Younger Generations in the New Working Environment

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Jul 15, 2021 1:37:50 PM

The insurance workforce has gone through a number of significant shifts in the past year and a half. As physical offices begin to reopen and insurers move forward into the next normal, we’ve seen increased competition for talent. It’s a fitting time to reassess how your department is retaining its employees and accommodating a multi-generational workforce. The oldest members of Generation Z are settling in to their first professional roles, and as a result, five distinct generations are working side-by-side, each with unique needs, motivators and values.

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Virtual Management for a Multi-Generational Workforce

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Apr 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Last spring, insurance leaders quickly pivoted and adjusted their management strategies to accommodate the remote environment. Now, even as some organizations begin to reopen their physical office locations, work-from-home and hybrid arrangements are here to stay. As leaders develop and evolve their virtual management skills, it’s vital to account for individual employee needs, work styles and life stages to build supportive and productive teams.

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