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Cecilia Mwaya

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Resume Writing for all Stages of Your Career

Posted by Cecilia Mwaya on Jan 23, 2020 10:02:00 AM

As a recruiter, I commonly get questions from candidates at all career levels around how they can improve their resumes. What should be included? How should employment gaps be handled? How can they best stand out from other well-qualified individuals?

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Topics: Professional Development, job search

How to Prepare for Any Type of Interview

Posted by Cecilia Mwaya on Sep 20, 2019 9:14:57 AM

Congratulations, you’ve been selected for an interview! As most professionals know, simply showing up is not the next step. It’s time to review your resume and qualifications, research the company, and align your transferable attributes and experiences – not to mention polish up on your interview skills. Proper preparation can help calm your nerves, side step any avoidable mishaps and enable you to put your best foot forward.

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Topics: Recruitment, Interviews