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ICM 2023: Why Choose a Career in Insurance

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Feb 15, 2023 12:10:00 PM

Each February, the insurance industry comes together to celebrate Insurance Careers Month and highlight the industry’s many facets, showcase a vast array of jobs and career paths, and share why we love working in insurance! 

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Topics: Millennials, Recruitment, Insurance Careers Month

How to Write a Resume - An Insurance Careers Month Video Series

Posted by The Jacobson Group on Feb 12, 2020 7:00:00 AM

This post is part two in The Jacobson Group’s Insurance Careers Month 2020 video series. The series features our own Millennial bloggers providing their insider perspectives into why insurance is a great career choice and how to get started in the industry. In this installment, Shelby Kling, senior marketing communications coordinator, shares how to write an effective resume. This video was originally posted on our Jacobson Journal blog in 2018, when Shelby was assisting our executive search practice, and these tips still hold true today.

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Topics: Millennials, Insurance Careers Month, Insurance, Professional Development, Job Search