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The Role of the Enlightened Male

Posted by Richard Jacobson on Apr 25, 2013 10:23:00 AM

What do males have to do with women’s leadership issues? In our industry, men are getting involved to harness the power of women at the executive table. Our industry has long been dubbed a “boys club,” and females are certainly underrepresented in the top ranks.

WING_logo_no_bkgrdMargaret Resce Milkint, managing partner at The Jacobson Group, and David Mendelsohn, partner at DLA Piper, formed the Women’s Insurance Networking Group (WING) to tackle these issues head on. If you ask WING members what males have to do with it, their answer is “a lot!” Their vision was to form a women’s networking group where men are part of the conversation.

"Male voice, perspective and participation are crucial to our success in advancing the female leadership initiative," says Margaret. "We need and value their active support, sponsorship and healthy push back to move forward and change the game!"

WING defines enlightened males as “those who understand the importance of diversity and equality in leadership.” The events provide a platform for women and man to sound off on the issues that affect women in leadership.

At Jacobson, we are committed to diversity awareness and an inclusive workforce. Personally, I am proud of the work Margaret is doing and honored Jacobson has the opportunity to sponsor WING.

WING’s next event is May 9th in Chicago. It is a free luncheon that is open to all industry members. Of course, enlightened males are encouraged to attend!

For more information, or to register, click here: http://www.jacobsononline.com/EventRegistration.aspx?idEvent=396


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